What's The Deal With Black Boxer's and White Boxer's ?
Folks who are new to the Boxer world often are confused about the white Boxer's, and also those who are sometimes called black. On this page I will attempt to clear up any confusion simply, the best I can.

White Boxer's:
Unfortunatley, there still are some breeders who immediatley euthanize white pups. This is sad & unfortunate, but not illegal. White Boxer pups have a 20% chance of being deaf. They will never have full AKC registration, and must never be allowed to breed--if they do their pups will not be registered by AKC. While 20% of white Boxer's will be deaf, 80% will have normal hearing and make wonderful pets. Even the 20% who are deaf can still be great pets, with special training, love & patience. Good breeders always take care to avoid creating white pups by careful selection of mates. For example, it is not advisable to breed two "Flashy" Boxers together. We always breed two Classic's, or one Flashy to one Classic. We often get Flashy's but we have never had a white pup. We always strive for no more than 30% white on any pup, to stay within AKC color guidelines. So far we have always acheived our goal. There are unscrupulous breeders out there who are happy to take advantage of uneducated buyer's though. They sometimes breed for white pups deliberatley, and market them as "Rare White Boxer's" and actually sell them for a higher price! This is unconscionable and should be illegal! Many of these pups will be deaf and will end up abandoned by their new owners who can't understand why their pup seems so "difficult to train". Also the new owners are often not told that the dog can never have full AKC papers, and cannot be bred or shown. We believe at Starlight that white pups should be sold at greatly reduced price with full disclosure, and deaf pups only placed with someone who is willing and able to provide the special training he will require. There must also be a spay/neuter contract on all white pups. White pups deserve a happy life and home, but no breeder should ever profit from a white pup as they do not meet the Breed Standard.
 Black Boxer's:

First of all there is no such thing as a "Black Boxer", although there are "Black Boxer Mixes" who are sometimes pawned off as purebred's. First off, AKC operates on the honor system, trusting that breeder's don't lie and cheat. As we all know, there are those who do. AKC does not see the dog being registered, they rely on the breeder to tell the truth. Many puppy litters are born to dogs who died years ago, or have been spayed/neutered, or never existed at all! There is a thriving Black Market for AKC Litter Papers to be used on Puppy Mill mongrels. AKC recognizes only two colors for Boxer's, Fawn and Brindle. If the dog is not a Fawn, then it must have obvious Brindle striping or it can NOT be AKC registered, and it can NOT be a purebred Boxer. Here at Starlight we specialize in heavily brindeled Boxer's known as "Reverse Brindles", because we LOVE the look! Although our "Dark Reverses" look very dark, their brindle striping is still obvious, and they are welcomed in any AKC Show Ring. So just to sum up; there is no such thing as a Black Boxer, but there are heavily brindeled or Reverse Brindles, and the striping must be obvious in natural sunlight (or the dog is NOT a pure Boxer).
A Starlight Flashy Brindle & Flashy Fawn & Classic Brindle. (A Roxie X Max litter 2008).
Dark Reverse Brindle, "Shylar Winza Rodeo by Starlight", at 2 weeks. Brindle stripes just barely visible but get more pronounced by 6 weeks. Visible in sunlight from birth.
Starlight's Flashy Reverse "Layla Anne"  (one of our foundation mama's) plays with her Dark Reverse Brindle pup, "Starlight's Soulja Boy" (6 mths. in pic).
"Starlight's Soulja Boy" our Dark Reverse Brindle at maturity. Very dark, but here in sunlight, the brindle can be seen. In a darkened room he looks black.
 (Pic from Photo Bucket.com) not a "Starlight" pup
This pup was advertised for sale as a "Purebred Black Boxer" pup, at AKC Boxer prices $800.! An AKC judge would laugh this pup right off of the premises! He is most likely one-half Labrador Retriever. The sellers even claimed to have pics of both parents! Obviously NOT a Starlight pup!! (Though he would make a sweet little pet mixed-breed, I'm sure)
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