Akc Boxer "Starlight's Soulja Boy"
weighs 110 lbs. (no fat!)
  "Starlight's Eternal Nadia"  #WS37686001
   ​born 06/11/2011 60 lbs.
Dam: Phoebe EH Brindle Blk. Mask #WS13627801

Sire: CMW Jackson Har-TY Fawn Blk. Mask White Markings​​ #WS16074308

"Starlight's Soulja Boy" WS29747801
born 03/21/2009​: 110 lbs.
Dam​: Shamus's Star Layla Anne Brindle Blk. Mask W
hite Markings #WS14991512

Sire: Rodeo Rawhide Warren Brindle Blk. Mask White Markings​ #WS09582404
Layla II A Jazz x Soulja pup 2011 litter
Cee-Cee, a Roxie x Soulja pup 2010 Litter
Camo I, A Roxie x Soulja 2009 pup
Camo II, a Roxie x Soulja 2010 pup
Dasha, a Nadia x Soulja 2012 pup
Magnus, A Jazz x Soulja pup 2011
Magnus, with his Fan Club
Moka, A Nadia x Soulja pup 2012.
Unfortunatley Moka developed a heart arrythmia, but is currently doing well thanks to her wonderful family. It is a difficult thing to love and care for a dog with an uncertain future. That her family does, is a testament to their compassionate character. She is our first serious health issue in our 10 year history of breeding pups. We continue to pray for her and her family.
Soulja Boy
Layla II
Camo I, at 4 years
Daisy at 4 mos. A Jazz X Soulja 2010 pup
2010 Pup
Hey Denise!

Just remeniscing that 2 years have gone by... Your new puppies are adorable!!!!
We are doing great! Toby(aka Snap, Bronson) is in charge of morale in this pack!! And, he sure does his job. Thank you for bringing such an amazing blessing to our lives!! I can't wait to someday be blessed with another of your puppies. Pauline
"Snap" a 2011 Jazz x Soulja pup
Daisy, a 2011 pup
Little "Rocco" in his forever home. A 2012 Nadia x Soulja pup.
2011 Jazz x Soulja Pup
2011 Jazz x Soulja pup
Rocky (Rt) with his Bff Jackson, Rocky is a 2011 Jazz X Soulja pup
MARCO, 2012
Jazzy with her mama, Roxie
New litter arrived June 6th 2014! Call or email for availability or 616-755-2382 SEE "NEW JUNE PUPPY" PAGE FOR PICS!!
"Lil Miss Jazz Hands" #WS31144803 born 07/22/2009 Wt. 85 lbs.
D​am: Roxanne In Sox Fawn Blk. Mask Wht. Mkngs

​Sire: Maximus Thomas II Brindle Wht. Markgs.​

Karri--They are sooooo adorable Denise, and to anyone who is thinking about buying one her litters are the best dogs ever mine is 2 and I love him he is a biggest cuddle monster ever and very loyal and calm and just the sweetest dog ever this text.
Denise.......Haven,t spoken with you in a while we have Marco/Cooper from Nadia and Souja boy....He is the most calm dog we have ever owned....he is 70 lbs sleek with a beautiful coat and a great temperament at the shoulder he is almost 25 inches and has big powerful legs

When we go north to our house at Higgins lake Cooper pushes the screen door to go out and for ease, we attached a small rope at the bottom of the screen door and he lets himself back in....he walks out lays on the back porch runs around outside and when he wants, in he just pulls on the rope the screen door opens and he comes in for a drink or just to see wants going on... then bumps the screen with his nose lets himself out again...he taught himself to do this our neighbors think it is the most amazing thing to watch.

The vets looked at him last week and were impressed with his overall appearance big bone strong they like the shape of his head he has no tarter on his teeth he grinds away on a nylon bone and his teeth are perfect . four doctors looked at him and said hes was a 5 out of 5...He has a bath at the vet and the girls love to give him his bath because he is so calm.

he is terrific with our grandkids...our youngest grandson can't talk yet (only 2 in may) but is starting to string words together..can't say COOPER but calls the dog BOOPER so cooper has a nick name too

at night cooper sits by the couch and needs 15 minutes of someone holding he needs to crawl up on a lap and get petted until he has had enough and he goes to bed..he decides where he is going to sleep.he drags a blanket around until he finds a spot to sleep makes a blanket nest and goes to sleep..He prefers a spot close to the heat. if he has to go out he will bump the bed and then I get up and let him out.

Marco Cooper is doing real well I'll send some pic( when I figure out how to do it)...

Bob and Susan Schmidt...When In the Car.... cooper climbs into a child car seat and goes to sleep.

he is so funny to watch
OLIVE        JET             MIA              MAIZEY
NADIA                                           MOJO
MAIZEY                 RILEY                      MIA
I can always depend on my granddaughter Daisy to help me with the puppies! She adores the puppies!!